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Pool heaters in Tennessee 

                              Commercial                                                                                                                         Residential


                                            INDOOR/OUTDOOR  SOLAR POOL HEATERS

We have above ground collectors, Inground pool collectors, or glazed collectors for year round use.  Call us today  we can double your swim time .  

Pool heaters in Tennessee


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   Solar Energy is the Most Economical & Efficient Way to Heat Residential and Commercial Pools.  A solar pool heating system pays for itself in as little as 3 years, and can provide free solar heat for decades. You don't have to wait until June with a SOLAR heated pool.   

The Service Company,  in White Bluff Tn. is the most experienced solar pool heating contractor in Tn.  We will design and install a solar pool heating system on your pool , thereby doubling your swim time.  Solar pool heating customers should always answer these questions before deciding to purchase a solar pool heating system,

To calculate the energy savings of solar pool heating

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The driving force behind Heliocol’s incomparable design is our team of exceptional research and development engineers. The technical and engineering expertise of our research staff, coupled with a relentless pursuit of continuous product improvement, has led to an impressive portfolio of registered innovative patents and intellectual property assets.

Overmolded Header

  • Heliocol’s patented overmolded header ensures the strongest possible connection between tubing because the header is actually formed around each individual tube.
  • One-piece construction eliminates welds and allows the collector to expand and contract with temperature changes.
  • The overmolded design also gives each individual tube full-flow access to the header, virtually eliminating backpressure and saving wear and tear on your pool pump.

Gator Clamps

  • Heliocol’s patented Gator clamp mounting system eliminates the need for straps, securing the panels with fewer roof penetrations. 
  • The clamps also allow the headers to expand and contract with temperature variations, never cutting into the collector and never restricting water flow. 
  • Gator clamps and Heliocol panels are engineered for maximum compatibility with each other and your roof. The Heliocol mounting system is designed to attach directly to your roof trusses.

Individual Tubes

  • Heliocol’s patented individual tube design resists lift, keeping the panels in place even in high winds.
  • The open design also protects the roof surface from rain rot, allowing rapid moisture evaporation.

Panel Clamps

  • Heliocol’s patented panel clamps replace old-style rubber hoses and metal clamps that require regular rooftop maintenance and replacement.
  • These durable, specially-engineered clamps never require replacement, never need to be tightened and, unlike rubber hoses, will not degrade and stain your roof over time.
  • Panel clamps allow panels to be mounted closer together for a more attractive and more efficient system with no wasted space.

Pipe Connectors

  • Heliocol’s CPVC pipe connectors provide more flexibility in installations. When a connection between panels is extended to accommodate obstructions on the roof, Heliocol’s pipe connectors work in conjunction with the panel clamps to provide a seamless, reliable coupling.

More benefits with Heliocol solar heat for pools:

  • World’s Largest Solar Pool Heating Manufacturer
  • Extends Your Swimming Season
  • Chosen to Heat Olympic Pools
  • Hurricane Resistant
  • Freeze Resistant
  • Serving Tn,Ky,Ala,


Your First Choice for Solar

Superior Swimming Pool Solar Heater Systems

Our swimming pool solar heating systems are not only superior, but impossible to duplicate. And, our "pellets to pallets" manufacturing means we control the quality throughout the entire process, ensuring you get the best swimming pool solar collectors on the market, hands down.

Comparison with Other Swimming Pool Solar Heating Systems

At Solar Industries, we stand by our product with pride, giving our customers the comfort and peace of mind of a long-lasting, durable solution to heating their pool.

Plus, when it comes to being committed to the members of a community, as the leader in pool solar heating, we put our money where our mouth is. Each year we give back to the community in the form of donations to programs that range from abuse prevention to searching for a cure for children’s diseases. Buying a Solar Industries solar system for your pool means you’re giving to some fantastic causes.

Our Certifications

  • Department of Energy (DOE) Brightway Program
  • Florida Solar Energy Center
  • DSET Exposure Testing in Arizona
  • Listing in NSF Int'l
  • International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)
  • Dade County
  • City of Los Angeles
  • NSF-50 Safety Standard
  • SRCC OG-100

Largest Manufacturer of Swimming Pool Solar Collectors

We are the largest manufacturer of swimming pool solar collectors in North America, and you don’t get to be that big by producing poor quality. At Solar Industries we're committed to continual improvement of our solar pool heating products. This improvement comes from both consistently bettering our existing products, manufacturing process, and technology, and also from our constant search for newer and better ways to do swimming pool solar systems. Solar Industries is the “Original Innovator” in solar pool heating… and still the best!

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  • Power center with push-button digital control panel and backlit LCD readout
  • One solar valve and one motorized valve actuator
  • Water and solar temperature sensors
  • Built-In Diagnostics
  • Integration with IntelliFlo and IntelliPro Variable Speed pumps for maximum efficiency and energy savings.                  
  • same day shipping.      $449.00

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