The Service Company




       State license #68260                                                 Office: 615-418-2298                                        Cell: 615-416-1739


Bonded/insured                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cell:    615-416-1739



Pool heaters in Tennessee 

                              Commercial                                                                                                                         Residential


Commercial solar in Tn, call the experts The Service Company, (615)416-1739

Solar Energy In Tennessee


The Service Company, provides the lowest cost solar installations in Tn. Call us for a free estimate.

Solar electricity by The Service Company

By FaithFarms

Joelton Tn

12 killowatt

Fronius string inverters.

West Wind Farms 

Deer Lodge Tn

30 killowatt 

Fronius string inverters

Solar electricity in Tn

Joseph W. Clarksville Tn.

4. Killowatt solar electric

Sunny Boy string inverter

8 Kilowatt

Fronius string inverter

Ground mounted solar in Tn

Red Boiling Springs

8 kilowatt

Ground Mount Thin film 

Gainesboro solar

Gainesboro Tn.

12 kilowatt Fronius string inverters


Mill’s Linens

Cookeville Tn.

30 kilowatt Monocrystalline collectors

Fronius String inverters

Solar electric  for homes

Reidential solar electrical installation in Allgood Tn

4 Killowatt 

Sunnyboy inverter

The Solarman

Residential solar electric in Antioch Tn.

8.5 killowatt

Solaredge micro inverters

Solar Water Heating installs in Tennessee