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Updated: Oct 7


-channel CyboInverter can connect to 4 solar panels. Each CyboInverter’s input channel has its own control and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) mechanism so that solar power harvest is maximized. In this regard, lower volume batteries and a smaller battery charger can be used to provide adequate performance for the application.

Solar charge controllers claim that they have MPPT. When putting multiple solar panels together in series and/or parallel, the I-V (Current and Voltage) curve of the DC source will most likely have no single MPP (Maximum Power Point). Thus, the claimed Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in solar charge controllers can get stuck in a "local maximum power point" and unable tko harvest the available solar energy.

Because CyboInverters has an MPPT for each solar panel, the partial shading problem is eliminated. In other words, one partially shaded panel will not affect the performance of other panels. This is an important feature that allows the off-grid CyboInverter to deliver AC power to the load reliably and smoothly.

Key points:

  • Smart and Scalable

  • Four DC Input Channels

  • Solar or Wind Input

  • MPPT for Each Solar Panel

  • Low Per Watt Price

  • Outdoor or Indoor Mounting

  • High Efficiency and Long Life

  • Produces AC at Low Sunlight

  • Powerline Communication & Monitoring with CyboBridge



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