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How can we go solar? I get that question a dozen times a day. There is usually a way for a family to go at least partially solar, whether its solar water heating, solar electricity, or even solar pool heating and home heating. I am of the old school solar here in Tn, having installed the very first solar water heater in the Nashville Tn solar water heating program that was between T>V>A> and the N>E>S>. Over my one hundred years of preaching solar energy, NOT REALLY a hundred years, it seems that people are beginning to agree that solar is the best way to go, what with the 30% federal tax credit available, solar loans and repayments. I would like to hear your thoughts about solar, why you haven't yet gone solar or why you did go solar. 615-418-2298;;;;;;;;;;;;;615-418-2298 FREE ESTIMATES 615-418-2298

Installers are left to right on top

Bobby Baker and Billy Oliver

bottom on ladder is Paul Wood

615-418-2298- FREE ESTIMATES 615-418-2298

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Paul Wօօժ
Paul Wօօժ
Apr 14, 2023


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