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  • Generac Home Generators

    Call The Service Company at 615-418-2298 FIND OUT WHY A GENERAC GENERATOR + THE SERVICE COMPANY = A HAPPY CUSTOMER He best GENERAC installer in middle Tennessee

  • Are you ready to install your new HVAC System, CALL A COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST, THE SERVICE COMPANY 615-418-2298. A neighbor and friend to Dickson, White Bluff and surrounding county’s.

    Are your heating cost going through the Roof? Call on us today and we may be able to show how to save hundreds of dollars per year on your heating cost! If your heating system is more than 15 years old, you are wasting a lot of money on a very inefficient heating system. The number is 615-418-2298. You can count on The Service Company to install your new HVAC system at the LOWEST COST possible


    You can now economically heat your pool using the suns energy and keep it open with warm water heated by solar panels installed by Joseph and his crew more than double your normal swim time. Joseph and his company, The Service Company has installed more solar pool heating systems than all our competitors combined in the TENNESSEE area. We use the Helicoll solar collectors and have had ZERO leaks in the FOUR years of use. We expect to continue our relationship with Magen energy for the foreseeable future. Call 615-418-2298 for a FREE estimate. CALL 615-418-2298 FREE ESTIMATES


    LOOKING FOR A GREAT HOME SERVICES COMPANY The Service Company in White Bluff Tn, should be your go to choice for almost all of your home repair needs. When you work with The Service Company, you won't get phony deals and service contracts. At The Service Company you only get quality workmanship and honest pricing. The Service Company is State licensed for heat and air, plumbing, electrical, solar and gas piping. The Service Company also installs tankless water heaters, water pressure boosters . The Service Company could save you thousands of dollars over other bids you may receive. The Service Company offers free estimates, we will work off your plans or other. Contact The Service Company at 615-418-2298 Our State license number is 68260 we are licensed for HVAC- Plumbing- Electrical- gas- and solar.

  • Merry Christmas and a happier new year

    The Service Company in middle Tennessee wants to say thank you to all of our clients. We hope all of you have a great new year, and if you need us, don't forget our number 615-418-2298. Plumbing , electrical, gas, HVAC,Solar, pools, mini-split hvac

  • Welcome to The Service Companies blog, we look forward your comments. Let us install the Tesla Power Wall with backup solar power in your home.

    TSC offers installation of all of our products, from commercial solar projects to residential solar installations. Looking for the new Tesla POWERWALL battery system or looking for a solar contractor in the Nashville area. Look no further than the Service Company,


    615-418-2298 This installation included an LG mini split HVAC installation in a new home construction in Brentwood Tn. The home is a three story construction with thirteen ceiling cassettes, four distribution units, three condensers, and a fresh air intake with bio filters. The Service Company will provide FREE estimates for your new home construction. Look for an LG installer near me, a mini-split installer near me. Anyone with questions about a mini split system call 615-418-2298 the office will get to me


    Remodels, room additions, bath remodels, kitchen renovations, The Service Company is a Licensed Tennessee Contractor that is a one stop shop for Gas, plumber, electrician, solar pool heating contractor, solar electricity, solar water heating contractor In Tennessee. Certified installer of Solatube Skylighting systems. ,New home construction, LG mini split hvac systems, Dabs water pressure systems, and licensed solar contractor for pools, water heating, solar electricity, and hydronic floor heat. Stop paying unnessary contractors extra money, call The Service Company at 615-418-2298


    The Service Company of Tn. offers commercial gas pipe installation in Nashville Tennessee for restaurants, gas pool heaters, hot tub heaters, build outs and residential units in middle Tennessee. Call us at 615-418-2298 LICENSED , BONDED, INSURED. License Number Tn. 68260 GAS PIPING FOR HOT TUBS-SWIMMING POOLS-FIREPLACES-WATER HEATER


    615-418-2298 -channel CyboInverter can connect to 4 solar panels. Each CyboInverter’s input channel has its own control and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) mechanism so that solar power harvest is maximized. In this regard, lower volume batteries and a smaller battery charger can be used to provide adequate performance for the application. Solar charge controllers claim that they have MPPT. When putting multiple solar panels together in series and/or parallel, the I-V (Current and Voltage) curve of the DC source will most likely have no single MPP (Maximum Power Point). Thus, the claimed Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in solar charge controllers can get stuck in a "local maximum power point" and unable tko harvest the available solar energy. Because CyboInverters has an MPPT for each solar panel, the partial shading problem is eliminated. In other words, one partially shaded panel will not affect the performance of other panels. This is an important feature that allows the off-grid CyboInverter to deliver AC power to the load reliably and smoothly. Key points: Smart and Scalable Four DC Input Channels Solar or Wind Input MPPT for Each Solar Panel Low Per Watt Price Outdoor or Indoor Mounting High Efficiency and Long Life Produces AC at Low Sunlight Powerline Communication & Monitoring with CyboBridge 615-418-2298 PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL OR HOME INSTALLATION Y


    The Service Company will repair or replace broken products in your home, from a burned out disposal, a heating and air system that isn't working, we are also licensed to repair or install all electrical and gas needs, including new gas water heaters. The Service Company, conveniently located in the center of the state of Tn. giving us the opportunity to serve most of the people of Tennessee. We are state licensed to install and repair commercial-residential-hvac-gas-electric-solar applications. Maybe you have been considering the installation of a new HVAC system, a GENERAC home generator, a solar electrical system, a solar water heater, or maybe a solar pool heating system. FOR A FREE ESTIMATE CALL 615-418-2298 615-418-2298::::::::::::::615-418-2298::::::::::::::::::615-418-2298:::::::::::::::::615-418-2298:::::::


    The Service Company in middle TENNESSEE offers licensed installation of all types of solar water heaters in Nashville Tennessee, projects from homes to restaurants. Our very own heat exchanger the “SOLARMASTER“ with a full 5 year warranty, attached to a Marathon water heaters for residential use. QUALIFIES FOR 30% TAX CREDIT Call 615-418-2298. We have installations all over Tn., Nashville, Clarksville, Brentwood, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, for a free estimate fill in a contact form or call us at 615-418-2298. DON'T FORGET AN ELECTRIC WATER HEATER USES UP TO 30% OF YOUR MONTHLY BILL, JUST THINK, ALL THAT MONEY GOING OUT EACH MONTH FOR WHAT AMOUNTS LIMITED HOT WATER AND LIMITED TIME IN THE SHOWER, WHAT ARE YOU WATING FOR nASHVILLE, BRENTWOOD AND THE REST, CALL US NOW 615-418-2298

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